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What Blogging Means To Me


Quite matter of factly I started blogging just to catch attention of people, to be noticed and maybe to be even taken seriously. I never quite caught on with the phenomenon of blogging initially. I just wrote different kinds of things, poems and all and posted it. I had always fantasised about being known and renowned for my writing ability. I was a clear cut wannabe when I started out on the blogging circuit; I actually thought blogging would impress the ladies, hard luck there. I made a blog wrote some poems and forgot about it, after some time I read a blog and the spark ignited again but I had to make a new blog. And like that I was never constant with one blog. A few posts and I got bored and left. This happened over and over again. Until I struck upon the idea of the Prince of Prose blog.


I declared the blog open with a very proud and whimsical introduction. Aptly followed by a very dark poem about a beggar. It was quite a disturbing and hopeless time in my life. The 12th Board Exams had just gotten over and I was struggling with college. It suited my frame of mind and hence I made the blog. I poured all my angst into it. Sometimes creativity, sometimes thought sometimes just someone else’s Apricot. Then college began, along with the journey of fiction, I wrote two incomplete novels at 12000 words each.


I’ve missed writing in the blog for 3-4 months at a time but I’ve still stuck with it. So on the occasion of my 50th post I thank you all for sticking with my blog, my long obsessive and flowery writing and my irregularity. Thank you all, I’m very much indebted to you!



I finally dragged my lazy ass all the way to the theatre. I literary had butterflies in my stomach from all the stuff i had heard about this film. Plus it was 3D too. So the story begins from a cryogenic chamber where the protagonist is locked up for a long time. That was a rather different start to the movie. But even then the visuals were amazing, after all its IMAX 3D. The real fun began when they landed on Pandora, the land native to the Na’vi. A carbon lifeform almost similar to humans. But with blue skin and over eight feet tall. The story revolves around these human bred bots called ‘Avatars’ which a human can control using his mind. The government is funding this project so to find more of ‘Unobtainium’ a rare metal which costs 20 million dollars per kilo. And as if by pure chance the home of the Na’vi had to rest upon the biggest reserve. Now the story goes on about how Jake Sully manages to ward off the evil, win against all odds and even get the alien woman he loves. The story is dreamy and a treat for visual graphics and science fiction fantasy fans. But the script lacks in a few parts. Some parts where overdone, some were unnecessary and i lost the scope of the story in between. It is indeed a graphics masterpiece. It is a memory we shall cherish together. Amazing! Mind-blowing! Must see for the graphics atleast.