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That Night

He crept into his father’s study, cautious as to not make even the slightest noise. He grabbed the purse and took out all the cash. He took outmost care to put the purse back exactly as it was, this would ensure that suspicions wouldn’t be raised early. He looked on the shelf and collected the pack of ciggerettes lying there. His bag was lying on the staircase, he had packed heavy. He kissed the ring on his finger, it was a gift from her. They were going to elope.

He swiftly took the key to his car and went down the stairs. The number plates had been changed, the planning was perfect. He had been going over it in his mind for months now. He put the car in neutral and pushed it down the driveway. At a safe distance from his house, he started the engine, shifted into first gear and drove away.

He had been in love with her since almost forever. He had made his intent to marry her very clear to his family, they had failed to agree. But nothing could stand in the way of his love. He didn’t want to spoil the name of his family but he had no choice.

The traffic signal suddenly turned red, he had been lost in thoughts and kicked the brakes with all his might. His car skidded and hit the divider. His head banged on the window and there was blood and glass everywhere. He blacked out.

He opened his eyes after a while and looked at his watch. 45 minutes had gone by.

He located his phone in the bloody mess and dialed her number.

“Connection Error”

He tried again but the phone was switched off. He grew impatient. But took the time to write a message and send it.

“Hi baby. I have lost my way. But i know i am just a minute away from you.”

He drove like a madman. Nudging corners at high speeds and curves at higher. He stopped a little away from her house and killed the engine. The eerie silence of the night crept in through the broken window. He swept the glass out of the car. The blood was uncurable.

His wound was still bleeding heavily. He tore a piece of his t-shirt and bandaged the wound. He put a cap over his head as a disguise. He didn’t want her to get worried.

Suddenly his phone started ringing. He picked it up and said “Babes I’ve been trying to call you for the last five minutes. Where are you?” He lied.

“Right here waiting. Where are you?”

“At your door! Come out fast!”

He stepped out of the shadows and there she was. Her hug almost knocked him to the ground.

“I thought you’d never come!”

“Oh baby. I took a wrong turn! I couldn’t find your house!”

The warmth of her body eased his pain.

“Ok! Enough talk! Lets run before we’re caught!”

The adrenaline kicked in.

He felt ecstatic.


Moonlit Ballad

When the moonbeam falls,
On your starry eyes,
My feet slip from beneath,
The cloudy skies.

I still believe in your eyes,
Whilst your lips may lie away,
But your eyes give it up,
The moment you look my way.

Every day and every night,
I only dream about your sight,
And then i find you tip-toeing,
In the pale blue moonlight.

You be my baby forever,
Be my lover too,
One thing I promise,
One day I’ll fly away with you.

I can cut through mountains,
With the simplest of tool,
Just don’t walk away,
And make me look like a fool.

To have believed in you,
For eternal springs I pray,
To be with you my lover,
That is all I have to say.

For My Lilypad!

Love is the reason,

The reason I smile,

Love is what happens,

Makes life worthwhile.


Love is a feeling,

An untold desire,

Love is a burning,

Passionate fire.


Love is a hope,

For kindred spirits,

A shining light,

One of Life’s greatest treats.


Still I am,

Not sure anyhow,

What Love is,

Or even how?


But when I’m with you,

I feel complete,

You make me think,

Make my heart beat.


You give my dreams,

Wings to soar,

And every day,

You love me more.


Even one day without you,

Would make me sad,

I love you honestly truly,

My sweet Lilypad!


Book Review – Samit Basu | Turbulence

Superheroes have always been indispensable part of the Urban Fantasy. Be it superbeings from alien planets (Superman), Bug bitten masked avengers (Spiderman) or Millionaires in Body Suits (Iron Man), their fan following has always been much celebrated.

Samit Basu, fabled author of the Gameworld Trilogy is back with another fiction novel based on Urban Superheoes. The story revolves around a few main characters with lots of significant side characters thrown in, almost like an Indian Justice League.

Aman Sen, the protagonist is the one with the eerie geeky superpowers. He can manipulate networks with his mind. Even the Internet bends to his will.

Uzma Abidi is a British-Pakistani who has come to India as an aspiring Bollywood actress. Everything works out quite smoothly with her infinite charisma.

Vir, an Indian Air Force pilot has the ability to fly.

Tia, a troubled housewife from the north-east has the ability to multiply and do all the things she dreamt of.

But one thing unites them all. They were all aboard British Airlines flight 142 from London to Delhi. They were all given superpowers as a result of what they had dreaming about, all of the passengers, but now someone had been hunting and killing the passengers one by one and Aman needed to know who.

The search leads the Desi Justice League to Jai, an indestructible one-man army with an old fashioned goal – military conquest of the world. Going through the pages we encounter Shera, a conservationist turned man-tiger, Anima, a girl endowed with special powers from different animes, Zothanpuii, a north eastern woman in Delhi with ass kicking powers, Namrata, a mass manipulator and so many more. It is in totality a gripping read with some manageable dry parts in the middle. The story is quite simply put about how a nerd kicks a strong, good looking mans arse both by winning the day and getting the woman of his dreams. I sense a bit of Bollywood creeping in.

After having read the Gameworld trilogy with its twists, turns and plot changes, I find myself demanding more from this book.

The whole plane-incident giving superpowers is loosely based on the Fantastic Four saga wherein the four travellers are given superpowers almost in the same way.

Page 203 to Page 207 exactly imitates a segment of the new Artemis Fowl book titled Artemis Fowl and the Atlantis Complex wherein Artemis develops a disease known as the Atlantis Complex which gives him a split personality who is madly in love with his colleague, Agent Holly Short. Same is the case with Aman Sen when he tries to overuse his powers. His alter ego surfaces and expresses his feeling/lust for Uzma.

And hidden in there is a classic reference to ‘The Watchmen’ which says ‘Superman exists and he’s not American!’

For people who have not read Samit Basu before I would suggest you give it a read. It is a fast paced book sure to grip you from the start to the end. For a returning Samit Basu fan, I’m sorry to say but this book is a wee bit disappointing.

Note: All views belong to the Blogger and are not intended to break copyrights or hurt the sentiments of anyone. Any hurt caused is deeply regretted.