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Summary Of 2009

Two Double Zero Nine.

Was a conglomeration of random stuff for me. Sadness, Happiness, Random Joy and Tears. It began with a heavy heart, school was almost about to get over and I was really going to miss it. With that same heavy heart I went about studying for the upcoming doom. The Boards, nightmare of a few million students every year was upon me. Everybody was busy studying and I was trying to do the same. But in the middle of all this I met a girl. Sweet and very Cute, it was not difficult to get attracted towards her. I started talking with her, day after day. Then the phone calls began and continued till the wee hours of the morning. Surprisingly around V-Day I got a friend to play a prank on her. And then that guy also got included in the calls. I told the girl that I liked her; she acknowledged it but said that I’d have to wait till she was 18. I said that I just needed to tell her what I felt, what she would decide on it was totally up to her. The talks continued. Then came Farewell night, a night to forget all differences and start off towards something new and that’s exactly what happened. All differences were settled, well mostly, and we rushed ahead to challenge the boards with a new confidence in our hearts. We almost crashed through them; they were nothing but a small stone in the path. But with the boards over a new horror was about to dawn, the Competitive Exams, the very stuff that would decide whether I was a nobody or a somebody. But that wasn’t all, just after the boards got over; my friend called and told me that he was going out with the girl I liked. It was shattering. I had lost the girl I loved and my best friend in one blow. Life sucked very much. But still I didn’t think much about it. But soon that very best friend of mine started turning my dearest friends against me by telling all sorts of lies. But what came of this ordeal was that I now knew who my true friends were. I was studying or rather I was trying. IIT, WBJEE, BITS, MANIPAL, AIEEE, CEE all I met headstrong. Crashed and failed in most. WBJEE was the only ray of hope I had but I wasn’t ready to live in a Hostel. I loved Delhi and I wanted to stay here. So I had only a few choices left. I took the bold one, Amity University. College began in June, adjusting was tough. But I was trying. Made friends, then broke off with them due to certain differences and then made new friends. Found some very good ones and some that left a bad taste in my mouth. So that was a short jest of my year. Hope the new ones just as much fun.



I finally dragged my lazy ass all the way to the theatre. I literary had butterflies in my stomach from all the stuff i had heard about this film. Plus it was 3D too. So the story begins from a cryogenic chamber where the protagonist is locked up for a long time. That was a rather different start to the movie. But even then the visuals were amazing, after all its IMAX 3D. The real fun began when they landed on Pandora, the land native to the Na’vi. A carbon lifeform almost similar to humans. But with blue skin and over eight feet tall. The story revolves around these human bred bots called ‘Avatars’ which a human can control using his mind. The government is funding this project so to find more of ‘Unobtainium’ a rare metal which costs 20 million dollars per kilo. And as if by pure chance the home of the Na’vi had to rest upon the biggest reserve. Now the story goes on about how Jake Sully manages to ward off the evil, win against all odds and even get the alien woman he loves. The story is dreamy and a treat for visual graphics and science fiction fantasy fans. But the script lacks in a few parts. Some parts where overdone, some were unnecessary and i lost the scope of the story in between. It is indeed a graphics masterpiece. It is a memory we shall cherish together. Amazing! Mind-blowing! Must see for the graphics atleast.