Another Intellectual Being

Losing Grasp on Reality (Short Story)

My body had been aching from the tiresome day, sitting in a low chair all day and then going around in the bloody heat all across the plaza to submit documents. Respite was a mere glass of coke and a restrictive bite of a sandwich.

A friend promised me a ride home but had a little work beforehand. I went to his office cafeteria and sat down, knowing the fact that a thousand eyes were judging me at that very moment. Who was this shaggy haired, floater wearing badass encroaching upon our office space? Words added to the already visible stares and I decided to walk out.

Standing in the confounded heat I had nowhere to go. I phoned my alternate means of transportation but even that was a long way away. I had no choice but to wait in a desolate landscape. Not a dear soul nearby, just smoke from my lit cigarette. I huffed and puffed and finished a few.

You had been expecting a call for an interview from an associate and were very excited about it. I had already got one but told him to call me later. He delayed calling you too. You forced me to call him and ask him to call you, I did.

Finally my car showed up and hour and twenty minutes later and all this while I was standing in the heat with brazen mosquitoes and disease ridden flies.

I reached home and crashed on the bed, there was just no food in the fridge and the urge to actually warm it up and eat had left my body. You egged me on; I ate a slice of bread and a piece of chicken. Their taste rejected by my mouth in every bite but I wanted to keep your word. I finished the smallish meal and crashed.

I called you, I was feeling horrible. I had just fainted and wanted to throw up. My stomach was churning and my forehead burning with slight fever.

I told you how horrible I felt, “I don’t feel at all good” I said. You blamed me for not taking care of myself anytime; you told me off about how I let myself get into this shape. The phone was slipping from my hand, I needed you.

Someone called you from behind and you responded. I was disgusted by our lack of concern, I told you to go talk to your friends. I did not even say bye. I hung up on you but you never replied back, nor did you call me.

My eyes closed and my body cursed me to sleep. I let go of the phone, I stopped waiting for a call.

That’s was how it was supposed to be. I saw your face in my mind. And silence filled me.


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