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Nerolac Home Stylers was given a contract on the 22nd of November 2011 to paint 3 rooms of my house. Even though they were given the contract on the condition that they start the next day, they made an excuse and started the work on 24th November 2011. Nerolac had given us an estimate that it would take 3-4 days per room maximum to paint which summed up to maximum 12 days for the entire house. They wanted 3 checks to be dated such that one they would get on the 22nd of November, the second one 8 days into the work and the 3rd and final one after the completion of the project. The cheques were dated on their request as: 22/11/2011, 30/11/2011 and 04/12/2011. All of this on Receipt No. 219. The site supervisor was Mr. Ramesh and the Regional Program Manager was Mr. Rishikesh Ghosh.

The work in the first room started out fine until the workers started skiving work. One day there were 2 workers, one day there was one and one day they walked in at 12pm to begin work. Above this even the contractor came and started being to bossy. We had clearly seen that only 2 coats of paint were applied instead of the 3 required, he tried to convince us that all the 3 coats had been done. Surprisingly the newly applied paint could not even remotely match up in the ‘glossy’ effect to the 4 year old existing painting job. The contractor was cheeky enough to be sarcastic to us without even trying to disguise it.

We asked the Site supervisor to change the contractor since his behavior was just not acceptable and he was openly trying to con us, however we told Nerolac to let him finish the current room. Even though the walls were uneven and full of blemishes we told him to move on to the next room and continue this room later. This is till now the best work that has been put in.


A new contractor came in to start up with the new room. Firstly the workers had no experience at all, they even messed up the initial phase up putting the Putty and the walls were massively uneven and looked like bulging boulders. Secondly, after putting the primer the painting was horribly done too, there were blotches of dark paint on the wall. There were all sorts of lines, scratched and brush strokes. The work was totally shabby. Thirdly, the site supervisor having already supervised the room for two days realized on the third day that they had used the wrong color. So they start painting the wall all over again. Then they leave the wall that has to be textured and plan to do all texture walls together since the person who does that takes a lot of money. Once again being humane we allowed them to do that hoping they would atleast complete the work on time.

The work on the third room did not have any such problems as the others but today is the 16th of December and the work is not yet complete. Nerolac had promised us to have the work done by the 4th of December latest and they’re running 12 days behind schedule and yet two walls in my house are left without paint.


Whenever these painters run out of paint or sandpaper or putty they were made to wait 24 hours by their contractor for the new stock. This was getting out of hand for us so we had to resort to supplying the raw materials ourselves to get the work speeded up. We even resorted to giving them tea every day and a money for food in the hope that they finish the work soon but there has been no difference whatsoever.


Due to the fault of Nerolac Home Stylers and their Contractors we have been living out of a box for almost 25 days in our own home. There is dust everywhere and the workers don’t even bother cleaning the bathroom after using it.


Amazingly we couldn’t even wash off with Nerolac after being put through this turmoil thanks to their no refund policy and the fact that they had no clauses in their bill or agreement for late work.


They have caused us harassment and mental agony beyond repair and nothing they do will ever be able to repair it. Taking this up in court will just aggravate our hassles so I just wanted to share this incident with you all so that the same thing doesn’t happen with you too.


Take care.


4 responses

  1. Chandra Sekhar Dey

    In my case also Mr. Jayanta Das Relationship Executive of Kolkata have finalized the quotation and bagged the order with post dated cheques. During discussion he assured that one wall of main room will be highlighted by design free of cost but till completion of work (34 days instead of 22 days) he did not mention that he is going to charge for design. After completion he demanded cash for extra work ie design which is highly irregular.

    March 22, 2013 at 12:54 pm

  2. kiran

    you should have approached consumer court and claimed damages for deficiency in their service and inadequate quality. if everybody starts bearing their high hands , they would take it for granted. ultimately the customers are not to take beatings . see whether you can do it now

    April 3, 2013 at 1:59 am

    • Indrajit Sengupta

      This is Indrajit from Kolkata. Shocking to hear all these. I will redecide on Nerolac being put in to our new flat.

      October 12, 2013 at 6:26 pm

      • Archisman

        I have little to no problem about their paint. My problem was with the painters they send to get your house painted.

        November 1, 2013 at 1:51 pm

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