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You were supposed to write me something. Yes i did.

Today the 26th of January, 2011 completes my 6th month of being in a very stable, interesting and amazing relationship with a girl I’m just too crazy about.

All the celebrations are in queue but right now I’m in a pondering state of mind. With a certain level of experience in relationships now I can’t help but wonder who actually coined the term ‘Relationship’.

In a very clichéd sense the dictionary meaning of the word turns out to be, the state of being related by kindred, affinity, or other alliance. Kindred means Kin, Affinity means Attraction and Alliance means a state of being allied to someone. My question. Is a relationship really that simple?

If someone were to offer me a million dollars to fish out of me a definition of the word ‘Relationship’ I think I would pass. I possibly couldn’t fathom the enormosity of the word. It is almost limitless. A relationship has a lot of pros and cons. It frightens me.

Were you reading all of that with utter sincerity? Oops. Fooled you. That is utter bullshit. Nothing is true beyond the first paragraph. I shall mend my ways now. I’ll write the rest of the blog sincerely. I promise. Here goes.

I had always been very curious to get into a stable relationship which had the potential to go all the way. Unfortunately I tried the same approach over and over again and it failed miserably. But that hardly matters now. When you find the right person the past seems so irrelevant. And yet you want to know everything in it. Not because you’re scared of the skeletons in the closet but rather because you fear losing the one you love. You fear someone from the past pointing a finger at you, questioning your love.

Sometimes you feel so guilty that you want to end the relationship. Not because you’ve had enough rather because you think that you’re suffocating the other person. Sometimes you’re so afraid of what the future might bring that you lay down your arms in the present.

You laugh. You cry. You caress. You cuddle. All different forms of endearment. But somehow your hearts get entwined. You subconsciously start thinking about the other person. You feel helpless. You feel restless. You want to be with them now. Just now. Oh god please!

You sometimes question yourself to see if you are worth the love that you are being showered with. There are certain faces when you see yourself as a pitiful tramp and sometimes you see yourself as a gallant king. The king is confidant but the tramp tries to push away the love. Trying to build a cocoon of self respect.

Matter of factly the things I said after the first paragraph did turn out quite right. A relationship is not child’s play. Neither does making out in parks count as a relationship. Relationships are tough my dearies. A girl or a guy simply doesn’t have what it takes to build a relationship. It’s a job for the men and women, for above all else relationships require high amounts of maturity, emotional stability and the willingness to share. A relationship is giving, taking, sharing, caring, loving, and so much more. It is all that I wrote and it is also all the stuff that I didn’t.

You just cannot define love or relationships. No way. But from the past 6 months if I have got any idea about relationships to build my own definition, it will be this.

A relationship is not about doing the obvious. It’s about doing things that are not obvious but expected. It is about bunking lectures to meet that special person and yet getting scolded by her. It is about being late and yet telling her that you’re almost there just so that she gets mad at you but not as much as she would have been to know that you’re running late. It is about doing things for her and not letting her have even the smallest clue about it. It is about telling what’s wrong by just looking into their eyes. It is all the above and so so much more. But most importantly it is about having the most amazing, the most beautiful, the most charming, the most intelligent and the best woman by your side. But me, I’m special. Most of you just get women. I found my Lilypad!”

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You’re special!

You’re amazing!

You’re a necessity!

The things you do,

The things you say,

My deepest worries,

All shy away.

I think I’ve found it,

True bliss they say,

Yet when I see you,

I feel it’s far away.




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  1. Congo dude.. All the best to the both of you

    January 28, 2011 at 5:02 pm

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