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Thank You Mam!

Being brought up with 5 girl cousins and many more aunts who are just a few years older than you; takes quite a toll on a guy. I mean, he could basically start getting along with and understanding women. He could potentially be the biggest threat to feminism or even possibly the biggest womanizer ever.

The kid was me and I guess I am not at either of the extremes. Now you would ask why I even mentioned the first line of the post if it did have no effect on me. But it did. Maybe just not so much. I am not Mel Gibson from What Women Want and neither am I Barney Stinson. I just had the uncanny ability to get insights into a woman’s mind which was considered impregnable and quite hostile, the mind that is, not the insights. Turned out it was a very nice place. But there was a pre-requisite to that; a woman should be able to trust you.

I spent endless hours listening to women pour out their hearts to me and it started from a very young age. It was nice to hear them talk, to build upon the trust. I had no ulterior motives never did.

Oh! Wait! I think I did once. But hey, it never worked out. That was the fallacy. Most girls would be pretty pissed by now.

How dare a guy say that he understands girls so much? Who does he think he is?

Well girls, for one you are gravely mistaken! I have no clue what a girl thinks! But I sure do have some idea about what a woman does!

I wanted to write this a thank you note! To the few ‘Women’ that I have or will encounter in my life someday! The girls just don’t matter! All I can say to you is ‘Grow Up!’ because it’s as they say both Wine and Women grow better with age.

Thank you Mom for giving birth to me! You are possibly the woman I’m the most indebted to!  From waking me up every morning to that goodnight kiss on my forehead, you did it all and most perfectly! If I ever want a woman to be absolutely perfect then it’s your fault. You sky-rocketed my expectations. Love you mom!

Papa! Though you are my Aunt! But you’re almost like another mother to me! But maybe cooler! You were understanding throughout and always a very good friend! You help me through every up and down of life! If I ever start depending on a woman instead of it being the other way round then it’s your fault!

The countless teachers who have taught me valuable lessons in life! If I expect a woman to be always there for me and to always guide me through then it’s your fault!!

And finally the woman I will marry someday! You will be a unique woman a perfect mix of everything but quite unlike any of the women mentioned above. You have to be all of them and yet be yourself too. Yours is the toughest job of them all. And if I start thinking of you as the best thing that has ever happened to me, then it’s your fault!

Respect Women! No guy would be anywhere without them!

And to quote one of my favourite teacher’s – “A woman will always be the CEO of a man’s life!” And somehow I do not seek to let that be any different in my case.


Thank you Mam.


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  1. Lovely piece…..!

    January 19, 2011 at 1:02 am

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