Another Intellectual Being

Moonlit Ballad

When the moonbeam falls,
On your starry eyes,
My feet slip from beneath,
The cloudy skies.

I still believe in your eyes,
Whilst your lips may lie away,
But your eyes give it up,
The moment you look my way.

Every day and every night,
I only dream about your sight,
And then i find you tip-toeing,
In the pale blue moonlight.

You be my baby forever,
Be my lover too,
One thing I promise,
One day I’ll fly away with you.

I can cut through mountains,
With the simplest of tool,
Just don’t walk away,
And make me look like a fool.

To have believed in you,
For eternal springs I pray,
To be with you my lover,
That is all I have to say.


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