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Stags Only?

School’s over. College is almost; well that’s a different issue. Many of us guys got into steady relationships in school, well then again some didn’t. Ok fine I admit. I’m talking about myself. Big deal! I used to be crazy about relationships, dying to find out what’s so special about it. Some thought of it as desperation for the opposite gender, well some still do. But who cares about them.

I used to fall so easily. Somebody’s eyes, somebody’s smile. It was all so charming. Earlier I used to be reserved and never really told anyone if I liked them. Then things changed; I got enough courage to tell someone that I liked her. Somehow I hadn’t thought about what her reaction or surprise would be like. It was a straight off no. I was perplexed as to why. I was disheartened but I made some kind of excuse to myself and pulled myself up. This became quite like a monotonous cycle. Kept happening over and over again.

I begin to think something was wrong with me. Then people confirmed my thinking. I was overweight, I was not quite prince charming. Heck! Nothing else really mattered. Initially I thought that maybe a few girls thought that way. Later realised it was mostly everybody. I tried to act cool and say that relationships are overrated. But heck I still was curious to know what relationships were all about and wanted to be in one. Though I didn’t like girls just to take care of my curiosity. I really did like them. But who cares, right?

Now the thing is I’m in college. All around me, I see couples holding hands. Going over the boundary of PDA. Well who wouldn’t wish it to be themselves? Even that doesn’t entice me as much. I like to hang out with my friends. An usual Friday or Saturday night at a night club for a drink and a jig maybe. But then these pricy night clubs ban stags. Why? How can they expect everybody to have a girlfriend or a date every time? It’s simply annoying.

Leave that. It’s the clubs wish. I see that my post is going in so many different directions but I’m venting out so bear with it. My main problem is why do looks matter so much to girl and women? Damn I’m pissed off with this. No one bothers to know what I’m like as a person they just superficially stereotype me and I find it very irritating.

So I end with the same question.

Girls and Women, why do looks matter so much to you?


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  1. As a fellow ugly fat bastard.. I fell your plight.. I do brother I do.. but looks just matter cuz they do.. we are biologically wired for it.. we have no choice than to be attracted to fair skinned sexy people.. it’s simply evolution.. and our type’s gonna be weeded out..

    July 29, 2010 at 1:20 pm

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