Another Intellectual Being

Delhi Photo Walk #1

The Delhi Photo Walk was just playing upon an idea or rather a dream of sorts, which I had long ago. It involved getting people, who are interested in photography, together and having a long discussion of sorts without the confinement of a room. It happened almost like a sudden freak storm.Suddenly one day I asked Dhruv how the idea of a mass photowalk seemed to him. He got as excited as me with the idea in his. ‘Let’s do it?’ I asked him and pop came the reply, ‘Yes’. And so the journey began.

We got to spreading the word about the walk on Facebook and Twitter, the two most notable social media giants of this day. Then came the questions, some criticism and surely some people trying to push us down by calling our initiative a debasement of the ethics of photography. But a rebel spark had etched itself onto my skin and it wouldn’t quieten down quite as easily. Day by day the number of confirmations I received on Facebook, Twitter and Phone began to grow. It had almost hit double digits and it began to worry us. ‘Where and how the hell are we going to organize so many people?’ But we had a reassurance that not everyone who’s confirmed their attendance actually turns up, so we assumed a measly 50%. But even that summed up to 50 odd people. We had to keep ourselves calm and in running order.

Finally the day came. We had reached the place, Central Secretariat Metro Station in time but there was a massive problem with the parking. The only place to park was around a kilometre away from the meeting point. With no other option left we parked our two cars and decided to walk down that one kilometre to meet everyone else. The one thing that we had missed was an Ice-Breaking session and that made the initial phase quite boring but then as most humans we eventually got around to talking with everyone involved. And then all went as smoothly as possible. The walk ended two hours later and I can quite surely say that it was a success.


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