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The Ultimate Group Of Friends

I’ve been looking for a good controversial topic to blog on for the last hour but couldn’t find anything controversial enough. So now I’ve decided to write a post to tell you a little about my gang from college. Their photos will be up by the next post.

Jeeshan Khetrapal: I actually met him on the 2nd day of college. Seemed like a fun guy. Turned out that he was just as I expected. He’s kind of wacky in a good sort of way. And there are times when he’s hopping mad like today at college. He began strangling me in the middle of the road. And everybody was watching. What for? Just because he was embarrassed of his leg hair. Phew! Dude don’t worry you can always say that Vampire have more. And here i most certainly refer to his ugliness Edward Cullen. 😛

Vanya Rajput: She was elected as one of the Class Reps. So at first I was really scared of her. What if she turned out to be the complaining type? What if she was barking mad? And I really freaked out when one of my class mates was returning a paper plane and it hit her. I was totally worried as to what she’s going to do. I kept apologising. Turned out that she said it was all fine. And all the questions floating about in my mind were untrue. She was genuinely very sweet and cute. Well yeah she is kind of Nerdy, but not always. And she also does kind of do the work in class, but that’s ok, atleast there is someone I can copy all the work from. But she’s damn sweet and an awesome human being.

Astha Joshi: The re-incarnation of Phoolan Devi. Nah. Just kidding. She’s a nice and sweet girl too. She’s fultoo chilled out. Has the capability to do extremely wacko things. But has been restraining herself till now. Complete Dhokebaaz for leaving us in the middle of a week and heading home to Chattisgarh to recuperate from her Viral. Not done. I’m still partially angry.

Rupali Agarwal: Jai Mata Di. Lol. She’s the youngest of our gang. Almost by a year. And definitely quite a bit spoilt. We unwillingly give in to her whimsies. Stressing on the word “Unwillingly” But she’s like really intelligent and all. She got 100 in 12th, out of 100 mind you. And she got overall 91%. That is so crazy. Damn she’s clever and talented. Woo Hoo!!

Lalit Upadhyay: He’s the dude from Patna, Bihar. The only person in my friends’ circle who plays Billiards and that too somewhat professionally. His hairstyle uncannily resembles Salman Khan’s in Tere Naam. And that too after a Rs.1500 haircut from Loreal. Or was it that you wanted that style? Lol! Just joking dude. He’s a cool dude too. Makes the most amusing comments in class and makes everyone burst into laughter. Funny!

Ishaan ( Nand Kishore Awasthi) Chawla: He’s almost a rockstar. Goatee brother. And Ice Tea brother too. His life for that matter is going to take a sad turn, if it goes just like we guys planned. He’s a fun guy with completely laid back easy going attitude much like mine. So holler brother!

Sanjana Kapoor: The Padhakoo Keeda. She’s always either doing sums or reading books or something studious. But she’s one of the best dancers I have seen. Awesomely talented and super cute.

Shruti Sethi: Ever smiling but doesn’t speak much. Is that all I have to say about her? OMG!! That’s crazy! I’ll make it a point to get to know her more now.

Vishakha Singhal: Omg! She just keeps talking non-stop. On and on and on and on. But she’s this really very sweet and friendly girl. Never pauses to compliment someone. Totally free nature, no twists and turn and crevices. Pure and honest personality. One of the nicest people in class, definitely.

Nandini Singh: The newest addition to our gang. Apparently she got bored of her gang and came over to ours. And we being extremely cool took her in. No! Its nothing like that. She’s a nice person too. Quite interesting and certainly very interested about Zodiacs. I’m so going to gift you a Zodiac book on your B’day.

I guess that sums it up. But there are chances that this post might get updated or modified real soon. Anyways take care. Chau.


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  1. lalit

    dude it was really not the style what i desired from loreal.

    August 22, 2009 at 11:45 am

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