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Beginning of a Life In The Land of Statues

Even though I have no persistent and ardent readers, i’m sure some of you may be wondering how my life in Amity is going on. I most certainly won’t disappoint you regarding that.

Amity most certainly has a very big college campus going by NCR standards. It is situated just 15mins from Atta Market and barely 5 minutes from Kalindi Kunj. My department however is in sector 125, the bigger of the two Amity campuses.

So the first day as you all would have already read was hectic. The second consisted of briefings by the HoI and others. We were also introduced to our faculty, admin and mentors. This was followed by auditions for the talent hunt. I had this urge to sign up for all the competitions which included Choreo, Music – Vocals & Instrumentals, Creative Writing, Acting, Extempore and Fine Arts. But somehow I felt it would have been too proud and boastful a move.

So I signed up for Instrumental Music and Creative Writing. Surprisingly or not, that I don’t know, I didn’t win either. I was given a topic as messed up as ‘College is the reset button of our lives’ on the very first day of college. I kept going over the same points in the essay, I couldn’t find the room for creativity in the topic though, i’m not complaining though.

Then when I went for the Instrumental Audiion the teacher kept staring at me. I hadn’t brought my keyboard since it weighs 25 kilos but I found out that a friend had brought his. So I decided to play on it. I put on some techno beats and started playing trance, but the ugly @#$%& stopped me asked me to play piano. I stared at her blankly and tried to play what I could recollect of What I’ve Done, I sucked big time.

The auditions were over and I knew I was out. Had I got through to the finals, it would have been more catastrophic, I didn’t remember any other song on the piano. After the finals were over we were let off. I was shit tired and collapsed on my bed just after I reached home. Did I mention we aren’t allowed to wear casuals in college? We are supposed to wear shirts and trousers.

Then third day was industry interactions and I swear I had never been so bored in my entire life. Everybody was talking about placements after B.Tech when I had already to do a master’s. These entrepreneurs are crazy. ( To be related with Obelisk’s favourite phrase: ‘These Romans are Crazy.’) I had to bear continous lectures for a rime span of 3 & 4 hours before and after lunch respectively. Insane I say.

Then the HoI told us that we all had failed in the surprise proficiency test. Wasn’t it obvious already? Anyways it was required for us to take the bridge classes, for recap of 11th & 12th. We later found out that these classes were for the faculty to get to know us. No studies for two more days, except the maths teacher who made us start on differenciation.

Then the actual classes started from monday. I was put in the 2nd batch, CS2. Thankfully the two friends I had made were in this batch too. We sat together and enjoyed. Slowly and steadily the ice started breaking and the masks started fading away, we could see our classmates as what they actually were.

I struck up a friendship with the ClassRep who was and still is undoubtedly one of the sweetest girls in my class, her name being Vanya Rajput. Then I started talking to two more wonderful ladies, Astha and Rupali. And our group kept growing and growing. It now consists of Jeeshan, Vanya, Astha, Rupali, Lalit, Ishan, Shruti, Sanjana, Vishakha and a few more about whom i’m not sure which group they belong to. And ya, don’t forget me, i’m in the group too. Well that is a recap of all that happened till now. I didn’t however go into the finer details. Anyways take care people. Chau.

3 responses

  1. I personally found the last paragraph to be the most interesting for reasons you would know well. 🙂

    Nice article. I always like reading such articles which describe the hustles and bustles of college life in an interesting, creative and intriguing way. I am sure you’ll have a gala time…it just gets better. ( No , really. 🙂

    August 9, 2009 at 5:24 am

  2. Vanya

    you cudn”nt have done a better job…very honest and apt description…keep it up

    August 9, 2009 at 10:00 am

  3. This was very diary-ish and so to the point. Someone should try journalism here!

    August 10, 2009 at 1:16 am

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