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First Day In Mayanagri

I couldn’t sleep last night. The thrill and enormosity of a new life starting was too much for me. I was extra anxious about the new day that would be today. I rolled over many a hundred times in bed but still sleep didn’t knock on my door. I took to twitter to idle away the time that would be otherwise wasted trying to sleep. As usual I met the nighttime gang, well not the complete gang anyway. Metalsaint and KirtiB were up, however the Ullu was somehow missing and so was the UlluHandler. After around the 20 odd tweets I fell asleep. Then was woken up by Mom at around 7:30. Got up and went to print out a few pre-requisite documents for college. And as expected of me, I had overlooked a few minor things in the checklist. They were:-
I didn’t notice that 6 passport size and six stamp size pictures were required. And as usual the ones I had were nowhere to be found.
I didn’t mention either my name or my registration number on any of my Pre-College assignments.
There were these two things, one my tenth class pass certificate and the other my twelfth class pass certificate. I had collected neither from my school. And both were required at the university for registration.

But I couldn’t miss my first day at college just because I didn’t have a few things. I tried to print a few of my passport size photos on a glossy sheet but they came out too darn big. And after printing I realized that I was out of glossy sheets. By the time I gathered all that was needed for registration it was already nine, the time when my college began.

So I rushed out in the hope that I would reach in 10 minutes to the maximum. But again my luck was cursed and I was stuck in a jam for one and a half hours. And I couldn’t even run to college since  it was like 6 kms away from where my car was stuck. And well neither am I cut out for running. So I sat there waiting for the jam to clear.

I had a proficiency test from 9:30 but  I reached the insti gates by 10:45. I took the 2 hour test in about half an hour. I didn’t have any idea that they were going to  give Chem, Maths and Physics questions in the test along with Computers and English. Well I kind of attempted every question in Computers and English to make up for my ineptness in answering the questions of the other three subjects. The test got over at 11:30 and we were supposed to go down for a havan but we didn’t go untill after 12. So  it kind of messed up the day timings.

The havan was from 12 to 1 which gave us half an hour less for our lunch break. I grabbed half a sandwich and a slushie and went to get the photographs that I was missing from the school gate which was almost 1 km away from the computer science building. I had already climbed to the 4th floor atleast 7 times during the day and this bas just once more. I headed back to the assigned room for registration and verification of documents.

Well I guess its criminal to say this about the seniors especially since they were so helpful and cool, but they were hitting on every girl in my batch. The registration process was however totally  mis-managed and what should have taken less than half an hour took almost 2-3 hours. Then when everything was done and I was ready to go home it started raining, a total downpour. I waded through knee deep muddy water to get to my car and my feet were already sore from all the walking I had done. It took almost 1 hour to reach home, traffic jams in Delhi suck.

I know that this is a very sucky account of such an exciting day but I’m too tired to write a better one. Hope you all bear with me this time. And anyways I have to prepare for a creative writing competition for the talent hunt tomorrow. Goodbye guys. See you in Twitterland.


2 responses

  1. vanya

    wel it was d same 4 al of us…nd yea i ‘totaly’ agree bout every senior hitiin on each grl in d class…. :):)

    August 5, 2009 at 12:25 pm

  2. Welcome to the craziest and the most memorable part of life. College life is the best there is!

    August 10, 2009 at 1:17 am

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