Another Intellectual Being

The Perfect Girl

There’s a certain type of girl you try and look for, for your entire life. She has bits and pieces of everything you hold dear and yet she’s so unlike every other girl you meet. A girl who doesn’t make your jaw drop down and oogle. The girl should be such that you spend a few precious moments with her and hope to cherish them forever. The girl should make you want to stand up and shout ‘She’s the one! I think i wanna live my life with her’ She may not be perfect but almost everything about her should seem perfect to you. She should definately be a bundle of joy, thats essential, theres no life without fun. When you try to do something adventurous she should be the one holding your hand and taking you along and not the one holding you back. I met a girl once who was oodles of joy. Used to call her hyper. She’d be willing to do the craziest things in the world. Screaming at the top of our lungs on a crowded bus. Jumping from desks onto chairs. Be what it may she was always raring to go. It seemed like nothing could restrain her. She wasn’t exactly the girl but so much like her. So so much. Then she changed. I found no one like her after that. I’m not writing this to crib about how pathetically lonely and loveless i am. I don’t even care about that. But there’s something, some kind of girl, i can’t explain. Maybe its one of my late-adolescent fantasies. Who knows? But i still feel there is someone out there. Someone who doesn’t really care about what others say, someone who agrees to do even the most craziest things. Someone who isn’t complicated and accepts a shoulder to cry on. Someone to seamlessly merge friendship with what maybe love. Someone who slaps me in the head for every mistake i make instead of sulking away. Someone who looks through the stereotype that people created for me over the years and sees who i really am. And finally someone with whom every step in life will seem like an adventure.


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