Another Intellectual Being

The Birth of the Universe

The Universe was created when the divine He & She got together after one of the godly banquets for a bit of fun. They fused their bodies in a manner, which is beyond the scope of this book and their auras reacted. Though it killed both of them, the massive amount of energy floated through Time and Space. Time was the domain of Samyius and Space that of Antarixius. They were the only two heathen gods left. All others were either the offsprings of the older heathen gods with mortals or the Gen-X, the Earthen gods. The big chunk of energy generated from the bodies of the divine He & She floated through free time and space, coming terms to itself every million years or so. Finally it raised a question ‘Why should I?’ and blew apart with a big bang. Samyius and Antarixius had trouble controlling the energy and they were the only ones qualified enough to do so. They wove an intricate black web from their blood magic and cotained the energy in it. Once everything settled down, both the gods entered the realm of black starfire but found themselves to be mere reflections., Incomplete and Powerless. The gods then felt scared and withdrew. They had unknowingly created a magical realm far beyond their control. They poured their Xpirit and might into whatever useless items they could find nearby and put them into the realm. The chasm suddenly expanded, exploded and came to a standstill. The universe was born.


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