Another Intellectual Being

At the precipice of change, We walk together again

The time I spent studying the benevolent notions of science has been amazing. At first I thought that the going would get tough and I’d have to leave it halfway. But somehow, struggling, fighting I managed to scrape through. After all 87% is not nearly bad. But now it’s all over. No more school, no more inter school symposiums, no more prefectorial boards. It all comes down to rugged fight for world domination or something near to it. The sheer amount of childishness with which we glided through the last two years is quite pleasantly shocking. It hasn’t been that great I may say. Things have gone wrong like they always. People lost control over themselves, and everything bad that could ever happen. ‘That’s Life’, I would remark any other day. But today is not another day; today is the end of a part of our life, the careless days of school. Now we step into the world with heads held up high and proud of our previous achievements. But we once again find ourselves at the same situation as a 3 year old child starting school, we walk into uncharted waters. Trying to claim for ourselves as much of the world we can. Today is the day we forget all the misunderstandings that ever took place and holding hands walk towards a new dawn with the hope that we never shatter and fall again.


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