Another Intellectual Being

I survived the Edge

Yes i survived. Even with all of you trying to push me over the cliff and then actually pushing me over. I survived. Yes fuck you all, i came out unharmed. Sorry if the language disturbs some of you kudie sensitive viewers but i had to vent out. I’m really tested to my limits. All day, everyday someone or the other gets on my case. People without whom my life was perfect keep returning back to screw me up. I contemplated suicide, but no i’m a fighter. I’d rather live my entire life fighting for what is right than fizzle out into darkness. That wouldn’t change anything. And i want to change the world, to turn it back to what it was aeons ago, inhabitable. People sit in their homes writing about the optimistic future of india. While some think it has gone to the dogs and trusting the fact that dogs never give up their bones, they never try to snatch it from them and sit in their homes on their lazy bums doing nothing. People will say that i’m another of those rebellious teenagers with no sense of purpose trying to gain fame. But are any fucking different? You go to work in the morning and let your bosses fuck you all day long. And you let them do it for money, money is everything for you. Now the people of india stand united against terrorism(Or maybe we think so). Buy why just stand up against terrorism, why not stand up against dirty politics, crimes and other negative aspects of our democracy. Do you always need disasters on such large scales to open your eyes. Stop existing and start a cause, ignite a revolution. We need change whether you want it or not. Some of you will just read this and go back to their couches citing the reason that what difference can one person make. Even the smallest living being can make a difference. Doesn’t a rat in your house entice you all to take some sort of action? Didn’t that make a difference to your life? If your still not satisfied then think of the AIDS virus. You can’t even see it and it can really ruin your life. Start by changing yourself and then try and make a difference to others. If everyone does it then believe me it’ll work. But in the end if you think i’m being extremist, impractical, and too old school then fuck you. I said what i had to. I don’t care even if it dry roasted your fucking balls or guts, whatever the case may be.


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