Another Intellectual Being


Hi! I’m a blessed individual in this shallow world, going by the name Archisman, which by the way means ‘The Glorious Sun’. Yes, i’m whimsical, maybe a schizophreniac too, but i don’t care. I like it the way i am. I’ve things to say mostly always, but never have anyone to listen to. I have my own shortfalls and beliefs, i take time to cope with them. Don’t push me. It will be the last mistake of your sane life if you do. I’m pessimistic, deal with it. If i don’t like it or you, then i don’t. Don’t try to change anything for me, for it will be a waste of your precious time. I guess i’ve said more than i should’ve. But i don’t believe in going back on my words. I’ve said it and it stays.


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